Burkhalter views participation in Nato summit positively

As a member of the Nato initiative «Partnership for Peace» (PfP), Switzerland spoke up during the summit on Monday in Chicago.


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Foreign minister Didier Burkhalter stressed in his speech that Switzerland is showing solidarity in attempting to solve global problems. Switzerland will strengthen its engagement in Afghanistan, continue to support the KFOR troops in Kosovo and promote democracy and human rights in North Africa. The Federal Councillor also pleaded for co-operation in fighting new threats like cyber criminality. He appealed to the states to support rules of conduct for private security firms. Together with the USA and Great Britain, Switzerland has recorded these rules in the «Montreux Document».

Burkhalter's speech had been well received, said foreign department speaker Jean-Marc Crevoisier, although the programme had been too rushed to hear any immediate reactions. (sda)

Erstellt: 22.05.2012, 09:37 Uhr

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