Evacuation of US soldiers by the Rega is not illegal

Following the federal foundation monitoring office, the Rega has not committed any irregularities by evacuating American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan to Germany.

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The evacutation of American soldiers operated by the Rega was not illegal. This is the conclusion that the federal foundation monitoring office came to. Several circles had wondered whether these missions were in accordance with the law. The controversial evacuations are "patient transports that are true to the foundation's aims and to the statutory provisions", said the federal authority in a letter to the Swiss air-rescue. The Rega was incriminated at the beginning of May for having evacuated US soldiers by plane from war zones to Germany. The Rega had highlighted the fact that these flights were not financed by the donors' contributions, but were paid by international private insurances. Because of doubts on the legality of these transports, in particular in regard to neutrality, the federal foundation monitoring office had asked the Rega for explanations. (sda)

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