IUF denounces Nestlé's 53 dismissals in Indonesia

The International union of food workers (IUF) denounces Nestlé's activities in Indonesia. During a congress in Geneva the organisation accused the group of having improperly dismissed 53 trade unionists and demands that they be reinstated.

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Nestlé refuses to reinstate them, despite the new request that was made recently, said Ron Oswald, general secretary of the IUF, on Friday on the RTS public radio. During the congress the IUF affiliated members gave more than 60,000 francs to bring financial aid to the 53 trade unionists.

The IUF campaign is concerned with events that took place in October 2011. According to them the 53 people concerned, who are members of an union affiliated to the IUF, were dismissed in the Panjang factory after having signed an agreement with NestlÈ to end a strike that was caused by an impasse in negotiations.

Besides food, the IUF is concerned with the fields of agriculture, hotels, restaurants, catering and tobacco. It is composed of 389 organisations in 120 countries, which represents a total of about 2.6 million members. The 26th Geneva congress ended on Friday after five days of discussions. (lub/sda)

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