Products from occupied territories will be declared

The Swiss wholesaler Migros sells a number of products from Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, for example dates, potatoes, fruit, herbs and Soda Club machines.

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In the future, the Migros will declare their origins. At the moment, these products are declared to be from «Israel». However, some products are actually imported from Palestinian territories like West Bank and Gaza Strip, which are being settled by Israel, said a report in the «Migros-Magazine» on Monday. The settlements violate international law, according to the UNO and the Federal Council.

Currently, customers are not able to verify if the Migros products come from illegal settlements. Now they will be labelled as «West Bank, Israeli settlement area» or «Gaza, Israeli settlement area». The new labelling will be introduced in mid-2013. «We want to ensure transparency, so that the customer can decide if he wants to buy the product or not,» said Migros speaker Monika Weibel on inquiry. The wholesale group will not remove the products, however. (sda)

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