Sense of security

According to a new survey the swiss people have more and more trust in the authorities.

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The Swiss are sceptical as to the world development. On the other hand, they are optimistic as to the future of their country. They trust authorities more and more, especially the police, according to the annual survey of the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich published on Friday. The credit that is given to the institutions has greatly progressed in all the fields in comparison with last year. The most reliable one is the police, followed by the courts, the Federal Council and Swiss economy. The Parliament and the army are both in fifth position. Swiss people are more and more critical of political parties and media. The authors of this study link this confidence increase with "the image of our secure country in an environment that is insecure". Nine out of ten people questioned are in favour of neutrality. The wish for a reconciliation with the European Union or accession to it remains weak. Four people out of five prefer the "pragmatic approach" of a purely economic reconciliation. (sda)

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