Swiss people living abroad vote differently

Swiss people living abroad mostly vote for liberal left wing parties. This was concluded by a study published by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad following the 20 year anniversary of the postal vote.


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The political profile of Swiss people living abroad is not fundamentally different from those living in their home country, head of the study, Michael Hermann from the University of Zurich said. The voting habits at the federal elections of 2011 on the other hand, clearly show centre-left tendencies of the Swiss abroad. The biggest difference is the fact that at 15 per cent, almost double the amount of people voted for the Green Party than in Switzerland. The most popular party was the Social Democratic Party at 21 per cent. Noticeable was also that parties that are popular in rural areas, such as the centre right parties CVP and the BDP, did not do well.

The conclusion of the study showed that if one takes all the municipalities of Switzerland as reference, the city of Baden AG matches the political profile of the Swiss population abroad the most. The Swiss abroad however, are not as far away from the centre as most German Swiss cities or the municipalities of western Switzerland. (sda)

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