Young people drink double the amount of alcohol originally assumed

Young people in Switzerland are consuming twice as much alcohol as was previously believed, with many young adults drinking large amounts at the weekend.


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These were the results of a research project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and presented on Wednesday. Psychologist Emmanuel Kuntsche and his team from the addiction centre Sucht Schweiz in Lausanne conducted a mobile phone survey of 183 western Swiss (86 men and 97 women) aged between 19 and 26. For five weeks the participants had to give hourly updates from Thursday to Saturday on their consumption of alcohol, from early evening to midnight as well as the following morning. At the beginning of the survey they were also questioned on their consumption during the previous 30 days.

Asked on the evening itself, the young adults noted double the amount they did when giving the information retrospectively. This was a very unsettling result, the authors of the study wrote, as it led to the assumption that young people drink twice what was originally believed.

Erstellt: 23.05.2012, 15:45 Uhr

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