Consumer sentiments in Switzerland improve further

Between January and April consumer sentiments in Switzerland have improved further. In April they received -8 points, whereas in January they were -19.

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In particular views on the economic climate and unemployment have gotten better. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) conducts a quarterly inquiry on household estimates for the next 12 months. Two of the four subindicators have improved, was the statement on Monday.

The confidence in the development of the economic situation for the next 12 months jumped from -29 in January to -2 in April. The assessment of developments in unemployment was also positive: Points went up from +48 to +71. The other subindicators are the assessment of personal financial situations and the evaluation of future savings possibilities. Both of these remained unchanged.

For the first time, people from the Ticino were included in the inquiry. Further, people without fixed line telephones were able to answer the questions online. According to Seco, these meassures are to improve the representativity of the Swiss population. (sda)

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